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Happy MLK day!

I am missing a MLK vigil right now because I didn’t plan out my day well enough, though the unexpected is hard to plan. Yet I did go to a MLK march yesterday that takes place every year in downtown Gainesville. The parade starts right in the heart of downtown. If you have ever been to Gainesville, you know how beautiful it is with trees almost everywhere you look, and buildings that don’t rise above them. If you’ve been to Gainesville you also know that it’s packed full of homeless people. What you might not know though, unless you’ve spent a decent amount of time here, is that we are also the “meanest city in America” when it comes to policies regarding the homeless. Almost all the homeless people in Gainesville take up residency in the woods, or in the downtown plaza, where the MLK parade starts. This is the backdrop of yesterdays festivities enhanced with the smell of bbq, blaring reggae music, politicians campaigning for city elections, and tons of smiles.

It was a good day. But as I was marching I could not help but notice an irony- The march was being escorted by the police. Now this is a good thing, and some would rightfully call it progress, but I just couldn’t shake the thought that not too long ago in America- and in Gainesville particularly- sirens and cop cars would send chills down the backs of black people and of activists. They would not first think that the cars are helping them civilly walk through the streets, but that the police were there with the pepper spray, bats, and guns. After listening to this thought play in my mind and listening to Dr. King’s speech on civil disobedience play over the loudspeakers it occurred to me that one of the marchers in the parade was shot for marching the same “parade” in Gainesville as a white pastor during the 60’s.

Many things go on in the downtown plaza. The city organizes community gatherings, radio stations put on free concerts, activists feed the homeless and hungry daily, street and commercial artists sell their work, and festivals take peoples minds off the realities of life. Some of the events seem to be attended better than others, such as the MLK parade. Some things are left for smaller crowds, such as protests and the daily food distribution to the homeless. Perhaps thirty or forty years from now these less attended events will gather the same crowd as the MLK parade does. Perhaps the homeless will march in thankfulness of the city’s well- earned kindness. Perhaps the plaza will be a place only for bbq and reggae music, and not the only place that a homeless girl can find to lay her head.

Perhaps one day.

I came across this pic on a blog. This sign was posted by a church on their own building and it reads, "Jesus loves Osama" and then displays a passage of scripture that says, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."  At first glance I thought, wow, that’s crazy (and sweet) that someone would put that up. But then I thought, though it’s sweet and crazy, it’s pretty disappointing that humans have distorted the gospel so much to make it seem like a direct quote from Jesus is crazy. Americans are supposedly so familiar with Jesus. It makes me wonder if we really even know who the hell he is. Sorry. I’m ranting… I know I probably shouldn’t just steal what another blogger had to say
about it, but I thought it put exactly what I was thinking into very
clear’s what Matt from the Signposts blog had to say:Jesus_loves_osama_3

What a fabulous illustration of how confonting the message of Jesus
is.  Nobody denies Jesus said it, but everyone wants to qualify the
sentiment and distance themselves from the presentation of the sign.

great, another blog!!!

Posted: December 25, 2006 in personal rants

I’ve heard too many sad stories, felt too many trembling hugs, and seen too much pain and oppression. The prophets have spoken, the progressives have blogged, and the margins have shed their tears…

I don’t have a plan. But I definitely feel the need to speak, act, and react to the injustice of today. Most of the thoughts on this page will deal with the destructive ideas, theologies, policies, etc. that cause such injustice.
This page is for the marginalized. This page is for those who marginalize. This is not a forum for debate; it is a call to contemplation. Read, think, read again, struggle, act. This site will “broadcast” the stories of those who are often left out. These stories rise from the back alley, where rays of light are rare and the weight of darkness is heavy. Unfortunately, these stories are often suppressed by those with louder voices (aka. more money). But things are changing. Hopefully soon, we will see less corporate media and more independent thought coming out of the back alley. You tube, Myspace, blogs, etc are taking the place of official and usually biased media.

***I come from a certain position and understand that my views will reflect it. Not everything I say, or every link I endorse, will be completely unbiased. We come with baggage and we spit out needed dissent, but we understand that, though we speak with passion, we are fallible. Please message me if you want. I believe in conversation, not speeches.