Activist Trauma Support- Surviving the Side Effects of Class Struggle

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

As the Occupy Movement is reaching a point of necessary evolution, some folks have been doing a lot of work to prevent activist burn-out in their local communities. Through a collaborative effort by the Icarus Project and other groups, a zine was recently published called Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out. It’s a well-made and much needed manuscript on how to deal with the various psychological effects of activism- from police brutality to loud-mouth attention seekers. There is a lot of information that the global activist community has been compiling about the issue of mental health over the years that is available online. I am going to make an effort to link to all the relevant sites that I can within the next week or so.

For starters, check out this article by Dr. Ruthless (great name!) on the relationship between trauma and mental health.


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