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Crossed Out: Rejecting Hell

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Something exciting is happening in the evangelical world. I never thought I would see the day come, but it looks like the work some left-leaning evangelicals has finally had a definitive influence on those in the mainstream. The emerging church movement has been going strong for years now, and has brought some important questions to the forefront of christian theology. Yet until now, emerging theologians (Brian McLaren, Pete Rollins) seemed to be as ostracized and pushed to the fringes as the liberal christians.

But it looks like the persistence of this fringe movement has finally paid off. Rob Bell, a prominent mainstream evangelical mega-church pastor, has just come out with a new book called Love Wins in which he calls the doctrine of hell into serious question.

He doesn’t just timidly probe at it the concept of hell, but tears it to pieces, ultimately coming to the radical (or common sense) conclusion that love wins. My latest zine, Crossed Out is pretty much all about the anxiety that such a destructive doctrine created in my young unassuming soul. It gives me a lot of hope that a new generation of evangelicals might not have to go through the same torment and agony, the same metaphorical “hell on earth” as I did in dealing with such a terrifying doctrine that speaks of a ruthless and heartless god.