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Crossed Out: Rejecting Heaven

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

The zine that I just wrote called Crossed Out has been a major success! I’ve been having a lot of people write me, or come up to me and express how thankful they are that I wrote it, and how deeply they related to it. I have copies to mail out if anyone in the blogosphere is interested.

The zine is unlike most of it’s kind because it is not just a christianity-bashing manifesto. Knowing what I do about the varying interpretations of the bible, I tried very hard to be fair to all sides. The zine starts out by talking about the anxiety and obsessions that would  plague my mind when constantly hearing about hell in church. Then I go on to outline a brief history of where the completely unbiblical idea of hell originated. I quote some prominent evangelical theologians who adamantly reject the idea of hell.

But what about heaven? Heaven has been condemned by many theologians and secular analysts as being a grand escape mechanism that justifies the abuses of this world and pacifies the oppressed by allowing them to psychological opt-out of suffering in hope of another world.

I just came across a short clip from a talk that Peter Rollins gave on the idea of rejecting heaven. Peter is pretty much the only theologian I really follow these days. I just really like what he is doing by bringing deconstructionism and post-modern theory into the mix of theology in order to create a kind of post-christain, post-dogmatic pragmatism.