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Love, Hate, and Fred Phelps

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

    I had a dream about Fred Phelps last night. Fred is the sociopath
preacher who leads the Westborro Baptist Church cult. I usually
hesitate in using psychological language to classify someone, but Fred
exhibits all the characteristics of a sociopath. It's sad that our
society creates these pathologies, but Fred is a prime – though
extreme- example that it does. Fred and his followers (who are mostly
his immediate family of 12 children and multiple grandchildren) make a
living by protesting various controversial issues, usually relating in
some way to LGBTQI people. His cult is notorious for the "God Hates
Fags" and "God Hates America" signs that they carry all over the
country, including to soldiers funerals.
    Fred is a
hurting soul. His pathologies are undoubtedly a product of issues in
his past. Rumors abound that he was beaten in his childhood, which is
likely being that he regularly beats his wife and children (as attested
to by his wayward son and critic Nate Phelps). My dream was about Fred.
It was about the hurting Fred. I saw a side of him that most overlook.
He is a weak person exhibiting compensatory behavior, and in my dream I
knew it. In my dream I gave Fred what he needs, not what he wants. He
wants people to yell at, he wants to be angry and let his aggression
out of someone. What he needs is someone to accept and love him. It's
too bad he doesn't find that in god, but I don't think he would know
how to accept love at this point in his life anyway. But I still tried
to show him love in my dream. I listened to him. I gave him my ear. I
gave him the time of day. He doesn't deserve it, but he longs for it.
He needs it. He needs a hug, a kiss, a backrub.

coming to my humble little gay town on Sunday to protest some churches
and synagogues. I don't know what my response is going to be, but I
know my tendency will be to yell and scream and get uptight about his
blatant hatred. But perhaps I should instead figure out a way that I
can give him what he needs and not what he wants. Maybe a sign that
says "God Loves You Fred", or something more kinky like "Queers Want
You." I don't know what I'll do. I know he'll sue me if I hug him, but
perhaps there is a way to show him some lovin. We'll see.