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From an immediately recent email… 

Flash floods are raging through southeast Kentucky right now! 
Information gathered from several KY Mountain Justice resources indicate that a sediment pond atop a mining site has broken due to excess rainfall in Letcher Co. causing houses to flood in Shae's Fork hollow. Three feet of water is reported to be standing in downtown Fleming Neon, while several roads and bridges have washed out or are closed.  A KFTC member is in the area now responding to the destruction of her grandfather's home.

Mountain Top Removal continues to be a devastation to Appalachian communities, and this is simply more evidence of that reality, despite ignorant and corporate critics. TN has seen drought conditions for the last 10 years, and so some of the terribly built dams have somehow withstood the pressure. But this season has brought normal rainfall again and dams are breaking, and as floods are raging, we should be as well. 


The Jesus Radicals website has been completely redone since I last visited it. It is really well organized and has a bunch of new info on it… and it looks really nice! One of the new things on there worth highlighting is the "police" section, which has practical and historical critiques of policing (mostly by Andy Baker, since he seems to be the only one talking about these things from a Christian perspective.) Also the "technology" section has some really good articles. And the MP3's from last years conference are up!

For those who don't know what Jesus Radicals is, it is a group that was formed to discuss Anarchism and Christianity and how the two overlap and compliment each other. Conferences are held each year and the website has an online forum for ongoing discussion. This year's conference will be in Memphis, TN in August. You can learn more from the new, fancy website…

I have recently been getting really interested in first aid, especially in reference to protests and actions.  Many people are unaware that there are people and organizations who train specifically for protests and actions. I have become interested in supplementing my herbal studies with first aid/medic training. I have created a link list for others who may be interested in learning more about this. Also this is a link to a really good introductory article to action medics that I found on some random website. 

There are some really good informative sections on these website that I will link to, including general preparatory info for activists who are going to be protesting. They include everything from what to eat the night before, to what to do if you are tear-gassed.