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Let’s Get Out!

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

The new Adbusters magazine, Endgame Strategies, is a bit questionable. It's a little too sympathetic to the recent Obama hype for my tastes, but I like the direction it goes. It begins with a fabulous Adbusters style image of Obama, holding a basketball, running up a graph which depicts the radical curve in population, climate change, consumption and war that hit us this last century. Behind the image is the leading question of this issue, "Can generation O rethink the logic of capitalism?"  It proceeds with a history of revolution from 1775 to 1917, 27, 47, and 68. 

After a bunch of articles about architecture and class struggle, and various other things, the issue finally gets to the point with a brilliant section bearing the "cover story" title, The Endgame Strategist. It is nothing more that a few excerpts from a few seemingly unrelated books. But the grouping of excerpts brilliantly captures the point of anarchism. The first is from Slavoj Zizek's Violence. It quotes the end of book, where Zizek, the infamous post-modern culture-critic, claims that

 "Sometimes doing nothing is the most revolutionary thing you can do."

Next is moves to an excerpt from Simon Critchley's Infinitely Demanding. The second part of the quote beautifully sums up the point of anarchist non-action. 

"Anarchy should not seek to mirror the archaic sovereignty that it undermines. That is, it should not seek to set itself up as the new hegemonic principle of political organization, but REMAIN THE NEGATION OF TOTALITY AND NOT THE AFFIRMATION OF A NEW TOTALITY. Anarchy is a radical disturbance of the state, the disruption of the state's attempt to set itself up or erect itself into a whole. In our terms, anarchy is the creation of interstitial distance within the state, the continual questioning from below of any attempt to establish order from above."

Finally, the section ends with an excerpt from Daniel Quinn's Beyond Civilization, the point being summed up in this:

 "If the plane is in trouble, you don't shoot the pilot, you grab a parachute and jump. To overthrow hierarchies is pointless, we just want to leave it behind"

I think sectioning these three excerpts together was brilliant. Someone was making some great connections as they read! I have read two of these books, and though it seems obvious now, I didn't realize how related they are. 

The point: The anarchist struggle is not to replace the system we oppose, but simply to opt-out of it. If we truly believe that is doesn't work and that it is destructive, why put any energy into bandaging it? As anarchists we believe that we have the right and ability to live without the promptings and regulations of an overseer, so what are we waiting for? This is where the creation of autonomous communities, the knowledge of alternative medicines, and the attempts of many to get off the grid by growing their own food or harnessing their own energy becomes truly revolutionary acts. Reform is not an option, but violent revolution is not the only other option. Bypassing the current system and creating our own self-sufficient, nonhierarchical structures is perhaps more "violent" than we think. As Daniel Quinn says, 

"[Heirarchy] can imagine revolution, but it can't imagine abandonment, it couldn't defend against it, because abandonment isn't an attack, it's just a discontinuation of support. But won't the powers that be try to prevent the people from doing nothing? I can imagine them trying (but I honestly need help imagining them succeeding."


New URL leads for this blog

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Since can be kind of confusing to remember, I have created two new Tiny URLs that lead to this blog. Tiny URLs are really cool. I just found out about them recently, and I have a suspicion that they are relatively new. Anyone can convert any URL address to a Tiny URL ( for free. It's pretty sweet. I like free.

The Tiny URL's for this blog are:


I think the latter is quite humorous if I don't say so myself. will still bring you here as well.

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According to the Associated Press, "At least 4,000 anarchists, anti-capitalists, environmentalists and others jammed into London's financial district for what they called "Financial Fool's Day." They broke into the Royal Bank of Scotland in London, which is quite a feat, and began smashing windows. They spray painted 'class war' and 'abolish money' and theives' on the side of the building. This riot was in response to the upcoming G-20 summit of world leaders that will take place in London on Thursday. 

Let's stand in solidarity with their actions here in the states as this summit takes place. We are all feeling the effects of this crashing economy. What are we going to do, wait for the capitalists to fix it? In April there will be actions in DC, clashing with the World bank and IMF meetings. Can we get 4,000 people out there? How much do we care?N104199580184_7999