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I just added a page to the blog- a list of radical queer websites. It can be found on the right side of the page. I could post a lot of links on this blog, but I don’t want to cause I’m lazy and I don’t think anyone reads my blog. So when I post an entire link page, you know that the links are really important to me. I think queer rights is one of the most important issues of our time- much like slavery and women’s rights have been so important in recent decades (and still are). This is a list of radical queer groups. Most of them would describe themselves as groups that believe rights go way beyond allowances like marriage or whatever. They and I believe that queers need to be respected as dignified humans. 

Here’s a description of LAGAI- Queer Insurrection:
We are anti-authoritarian, anti-militarist, pro-feminist and anti-racist, and we demand that queer issues never be put on the back burner. We will accept nothing less than full civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, but we believe some rights are not worth fighting for. We do not think queers or straights should be in the military of a society like the u.s., or probably any government, and we feel that the queer liberation position is to oppose marriage as the central institution of patriarchy, not to try to get married ourselves.


Radical Queer Links

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Revolting Queers

LAGAI- Queer Insurrection

I just read a really good article called Crowd Dynamics and the Mass Psychology of Possibility.
Here’s a couple excerpts:
“A sociologist is an authority on crowds like a policeman is an authority on people.” – Bill Buford, Among the Thugs

“…Reality itself is determined by consensus — that is to say, by the crowds. What is possible, what is impossible: these are decided collectively, according to what people believe to be so. The world we inhabit is not made up merely of physical or sensory facts; these raw materials gain meaning as signs, tools, customs, and so on from their social context, and the resulting forest of signs is the greater part of what we mean when we say reality. It is these social conditions that create individuals, including the values that influence their choices; but, as these conditions are themselves the result of individual decisions, they only persist because people choose to reproduce them.

…A small group that behaves confidently as if they are living in a different world can call into question things everyone else takes for granted; if they take their departure far enough at the right time, they can render the impossible possible, by persuading others that it is so on the strength of their own conviction. This can be done without coercion or instruction: one need only demonstrate options with one’s behavior that were invisible before, and others will join in if what they see is attractive to them. Thus the yearning of a very few can be taken up by a mass and become a self-fulfilling prophecy; all it takes is for a few dreamers to practice believing and desiring outside the lines while resisting the quarantine and pigeonholing, then publicly demonstrate those dreams and their faith in them.”

With the momentum of the Jesus for President Tour reaching quick highs, Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw have been asked to officially endorse a candidate. They have also been asked to be an advisor for Obama and/or McCain. Shane just wrote a good blog about this new attention they are getting. You can find it on the Sojourners blog, where he occasionally writes. Here’s an excerpt that I thought was quite appropriate: 

“Reporters often ask folks leaving our presentations funny questions like: “Young evangelicals are the swing vote in this election… has this evening affected how you are going to vote in November?” I heard one person say beautifully, “That’s the wrong question… the real question is how can we become the change we want to see in the world TODAY and not just hope that every four years we can elect politicians to change the world for us.” May it be so. May we continue to become the change we want to see in the Church and in the world. Enough donkeys and elephants – Long live the Lamb.” 


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The problem with your whole world view being turned upside down is that everyone else’s is still right-side up.

The truth is finally out!

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As I traveled to the Taize community in France in the summer of 2007, I was quite shocked to discover that most Christians around the world (judging from the ones I met) don’t believe that Christianity is the only path to G-d. Even the monks seem to affirm that Judaism, Islam and Christianity are truths that point towards ultimate Truth- but are not Truth themselves. Is this shocking to anyone else? 

I suppose my shock stems from my upbringing within conservative evangelicalism. To my more liberal friends, this is common sense, as it was common sense to the brothers of Taize and all the people I met there. In my youth I was convinced not only that Jesus was the only way, but that to think anything else could certainly not be considered “Christian.” Yet years of journeying eventually caused me to react against this notion. These days I am one of those who considers it common sense that Christianity is truth that points to Truth. So naturally I am quite pleased with the survey that just came out by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life that states:

“Most Americans (70%) agree with the statement that many religions — not just their own — can lead to eternal life … including more than half of members of evangelical Protestant churches (57%).”

The truth is out. Not all Christians- in fact only the minority- believe that they hold the market on Truth. 
We are all on this journey together. Lets start acting like it!