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Which Way Do I Fly My Flag?

Posted: April 11, 2008 in random thoughts

Are upside down flags provocative, or just offensive?


It is the official “distress signal” of our country.


Obama’s pastor is not a politician. He’s a Christian who is not afraid to tell the truth. People are taking what he is saying way out of context. This man knows how to bring it- like most black churches do. The prophetic “truth-to-power” aspect of judaism and christianity is alive in this guy for sure. Wright’s church is United Church of Christ. Recently the UCC worldwide has been getting so much crap for his sermons, that they posted an ad in the New York Times and the USA Today to stand up against the attacks. It’s arguably the most progressive denomination in the country. I guess that’s why it’s getting so much shit from Bill O’ Reilly and the corporate media. Here’s a whole sermon from which one of the statements was taken (out of context). More on youtube posted by TRINITYCHGO.