Mitt Romney Speaks to Black Voters (for the 1st time in his life)

Posted: January 23, 2008 in politics

So Mitt Romney chilled with some black folk over the MLK holiday. Apparently he felt the need to fit-in by referencing pop-culture stereotypes of black people. Here’s what AlterNet had to report:

“In his dress shirt and tie, and with his unwavering smile, he walked over and posed for photographs with a group of black youngsters. Putting his arm around a teenage girl, he waved to the cameras and offered, “Who let the dogs out?” He added a tepid “woof woof.”

…Later, Mr. Romney admired a child’s gold necklace and said, “Oh, you’ve got some bling-bling here.”

I don’t know what he was thinking, but I have a feeling he just wasn’t. I really don’t want another president who companies can make millions off of simply by quoting on tee-shirts and stickers. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk or make Romney some enemy, but I think this situation has a lot to tell about the white elite’s isolation from the minorities of America- and not just minorities, but lower-class people. The Republican’s promise of better days for the lower-class through excessive spending and free-market capitalism is a sad excuse for complete separation between classes. While the rich throw their scraps to the poor in hopes of sending them spiraling upward into prosperity, a darkly impersonal society is created.

Watch the video here.

Again I don’t mean to demonize Romney. It’s slightly humorous and quite sad, but I;m sure he is a good guy. Really.

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