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I came across this pic on a blog. This sign was posted by a church on their own building and it reads, "Jesus loves Osama" and then displays a passage of scripture that says, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."  At first glance I thought, wow, that’s crazy (and sweet) that someone would put that up. But then I thought, though it’s sweet and crazy, it’s pretty disappointing that humans have distorted the gospel so much to make it seem like a direct quote from Jesus is crazy. Americans are supposedly so familiar with Jesus. It makes me wonder if we really even know who the hell he is. Sorry. I’m ranting… I know I probably shouldn’t just steal what another blogger had to say
about it, but I thought it put exactly what I was thinking into very
clear’s what Matt from the Signposts blog had to say:Jesus_loves_osama_3

What a fabulous illustration of how confonting the message of Jesus
is.  Nobody denies Jesus said it, but everyone wants to qualify the
sentiment and distance themselves from the presentation of the sign.


NEW Link Page

Posted: July 4, 2007 in FYI

I read a good article I found on Religion Online. It’s called Answering Pilate: Truth and the Postliberal Church. I have been reading a lot of articles that I like recently, so I am going to create a link page that will list the articles by category. You’ll be able to find it in the misc links section to the right. It will be small at first and grow as I read more… enjoy! Here’s an excerpt from the article on truth and post-liberal theology:

For the postliberal, theology is not a description of some universally available experience, but rather an expression of the faith held by a particular religious community. From this perspective, a Christian theologian does not simply state an experience which "oft was felt but ne’er so well expressed," but articulates the convictions of those who have been personally and socially transformed by a religious community. A Jew and a Christian differ not in using a different language to describe the same experiences of God, but in having learned different languages and listened to different stories, which have given them different experiences of God.

Lion of Judah

Posted: July 1, 2007 in FYI

I went to a hardcore fest in Clearwater, FL this last weekend. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever been to, but I saw this one band that I can’t get over. Lion of Judah… I had heard the name before, but always figured they were some tough band that doesn’t have anything positive to say. After I saw them play I knew they’d be my new favorite band for the month 🙂 They sing about good stuff, and do it well. They have songs like Universal Peace, Dirty Faces (about exploited labor), Preemtive Fear (about the War on Terror), etc… I’d suggest giving them a listen if you dig older style hardcore with some catchy little parts and a whole lot of good to say.