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Jim Wallis of Sojourners Magazine and others have put together a workshop on politics and poverty. Pentecost 2007 will be a multi-day event in DC, and on one of the days they have arranged a Presidential Candidate Forum with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. The workshop will be June 3-6 and the forum will be on June 4. This is a pretty sweet deal. I just wanted to pass it along…



Diversity and Christian Community

Posted: April 26, 2007 in theology

Here’s a post I wrote in response to a response of a post that I wrote on on the Jesus Radicals Forums

I am never very clear when I write. I apologize… When I said, “…a church is not chirstian without the full acceptance of people,” what I was attempting to articulate was not relativism, but acceptance… Acceptance of people and a recongition of their value, not a “blind” acceptance of their beliefs. My comment was in regards to anarchism. What I meant was that as christian anarchists attempt to create a better world, it would be ridiculous to not accept (the help of) other kinds of people.
That goes without saying, but in terms of church/christian community, I would still say that chirstian communities should accept all people. Now again by acceptance I mean “a recognition of a persons value”, not a blind acceptance of their belief system, but that doesnt mean that I am only “kind of” accepting them. Just as I can be friends with people of all faiths, backrounds, etc. without agreeing with every thought they have, I can be in community with them. You said that this kind of acceptance is not full acceptance, but I would disagree. And this may be where we differ. As a christian, I have specific beliefs that I truly believe. But I am forever skeptical of those beliefs, even as I hold them tightly. I consider my faith, just that -faith. I cannot be certian or else there would be no need to describe it as faith. And I consider my faith a journey- my beliefs are ever-forming and incomplete. So as I understand that I hold beleifs, as do my friends, and that I must actively participate in an intentional attempt to shape/critique/affirm my beliefs, as do my friends, we can be in community together… shaping, critiquing, affirming each others beliefs, without denying our own, or the value in each others.

So I believe (and understand I am a minority) that humanity can live in a diverse world without the us-vs-them mentality, yet without denying their own beliefs. I believe that this is essential to peace…

Yet he practical question still remains… what is christian community? The best answer I have to that is… I’m still working through it.